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Automatic Gates


We sell automatic gate openers that can be fitted to most types of existing gates. You do not need to replace the gate that you currently have.

All of our gate openers have remote control systems that allow the gate to be opened with a small remote control that attaches to your key ring. Simply push the button and wait for the gate to open…no more getting out of the car in the rain or waiting for somebody to hear your horn to open the gate!

Most of our gate openers are DC powered which means that they have a battery backup and can still operate if there is a power failure. It’s also possible to have a solar powered unit.

There are many options that are available for opening the gate in addition to the remote control. Each gate is always fitted with a button inside the gate or in the house that allows opening and closing of the gate. We can also place a PIN pad or a card reader outside of your gate if you want to be able to let several people to open your gate but not have the remote control. With card/PIN systems you can even set the time of day and days of week someone can enter…great option for staff!

There are two basic types of gates:

Sliding gate

Sliding Gate

The gate opener is a small motor that is mounted next to the gate. A gear rack is then attached to the gate and the opener then pushes or pulls the rack to open or close the gate. There is also a box with a control panel that is mounted somewhere inside the gate in the safe area, this is where the electronics are stored.

Swing gate

Swing Gate

Most swing gates are double leaf, so we attach a mechanical arm to each side and the gate opens and closes by extending or retracting these arms. Like the swing gate motor, there is a small box to hold the control panels.

Garage doors

Garage Doors

We also sell and install full garage door systems, both automated and manual. With these systems, you can slide to the side the doors, or lift up the doors. They are a great space saver for an indoor space. We can use all types of materials, but we recommend aluminum because it is light, durable and beautiful. doors made of coated aluminum will last 20-30 years without major maintenance.

It’s important that the proper type of opener be used and that it is fitted properly. We will visit your house and carefully review your needs and give you the proper solution. After we install your gate system will will teach you completely how to use and maintain it. After one week we will come back to check your gate and adjust it for maximum performance. After that we normally schedule a visit every six months to perform some preventative maintenance.
Both type of gate systems can be removed if you move to a new house!

PIN/CARD reader


If you need a gate for a complex or your house has many people entering, it might be better to add a PIN or Card reader to your gate system. With this you can issue cards or PINs to people and they can access the gate without needing a remote control. You can also delete the PIN or card if you want to cancel the access for that person (worked fired, card lost, etc.)
Above you can see a nice card reader with goose neck pole so you don’t even have to get out of the car to open the gate!

Tuesday July 25th, 2017
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