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Smart Home


Simplify your complicated life by having everything under control in your home at the touch of a button. You can easily control lights, air-con, doors, appliances and just about anything with one of our smart home systems. We have systems for every application and budget.
One of the hottest new systems we’ve been using lately is the ORVIBO. With this simple (and very cheap!) system, you can control anything that you want to plug into a socket, or that is controlled by an infrared remote.

For example, see what you can do from your iPhone/Android anywhere there is internet :

  • Turn on your AC before you arrive home so it’s already nice and cool.
  • Turn on/off lights manually or at set time.
  • Control fans.
  • TV/Stereo using your phone as a remote.
  • Open/close your gate.
  • Timer control all these devices.

Pretty cool! This device can replace your traditional light switch (sakelar) then you can control anything connected to it from the internet or just as a normal switch.

WiFi Smart Control

This unit is the infrared gateway. Use it to control your aircon. You can set temp, turn on/off, control swing.. whatever you want. It also can change channels on your TV.

Thursday July 27th, 2017