Security Alarm Systems

Bali Gate Pro can sell and install all types of security alarm systems. From extremely high-security systems used in museums and banks, to simple systems we have seen them all through the years.

The alarm system that we recommend for most homes in Bali is a wireless security alarm system. It is very easy to use and understand the system so it’s perfect for people who don’t want to ‘think’ about something too much. Basically, you push one button when you leave the house, another when you come home. Simple!

Security Alarm System

The sensors can detect:

  • Motion – If something is moving in your house when it should be empty.
  • Doors – If a door is opened when it shouldn’t be.
  • Glass – If a glass (window) is shattered.
  • Smoke – If something is on fire.
  • Water – If something floods.

And there are other sensors also.
If one of these sensors is activated when you don’t expect it, the system will go into an alarm state. This can trigger any number of functions :

  • Siren – A loud siren will sound to scare off an intruder and notify people in the area something is wrong.
  • Call – The system can call a phone and deliver a voice warning. You can then control the system, even listening in to what is going on in the house.
  • SMS Text – The system can send a message to your mobile phone telling what the alarm is.

The system can also use Stay Mode which allows you to arm the perimeter of the house in case you want to sleep more soundly at night. This will allow any internal motion sensors to be ignored (so you can get a midnight snack!) but if someone tries to climb over your wall, the alarm will still sound.