Access Control and Time & Attendance

Access Control and Time & Attendance

Bali Gate Pro offers Access Control and Time & Attendance systems to meet the needs of companies and homes to make your site more secure as well as offer a better history.

Time & Attendance Logging

Because your employees are accessing the office or plant with their badges, their in and out times are easily tracked and recorded.

Automated Access Control

Assign tap and go access control cards or implement biometric scanning to have full control over what areas employees can access.

Biometric systems such as fingerprint readers can offer a secure, convenient way to restrict access to an area. This reader can also be used to calculate Time and Attendance by recording events that will later be used to calculate how long the employee has worked.

This system can use an electric lock to close your door so that you never forget to lock it. You can also restrict the time at which people are allowed to enter, which is not possible with traditional keys. It is possible to program 24-hour access for owners and Entry only during the workday (M-F 9-5) for staff.  There is always a permanent record of when people come and go.

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